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The new Hario electronic scale designed for pour-over coffee brewing methods. Great for home baristas as well as for professionals working in busy coffee spots. The device offers simultaneous weighing and measuring time as well as the backlit display.

The Hario Drip Scale Wide has a minimalist, elegant and modern form. You can be sure of high-quality materials and attention to every detail. The housing is made of plastic. The bright display allows you to use the scale even in poor light conditions.

Thanks to the appropriate dimensions (213 mm x 156 mm x 35 mm), various types of accessories for alternative brewing methods, such as Chemex, dripper jug or AeroPress, can fit on the scale. Thanks to thermal insulation, hot servers do not interfere with weight measurements. The device is powered by three AAA batteries (not included).

The scale displays weight and tme, which is especially useful when brewing coffee with alternative methods. The measuring capacity up to 3 kilograms allows for a wide range of applications. The Hario scale offers an accuracy of 0.1 gram up to 200 grams, 0.5 gram from 200 grams to 1 kilogram, and above this scale the measurement is every 1 gram. To control the scale, you us three buttons: power switch, start/stop, and tare button.

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