We’re a Coffee Roastery that started in 2022 in Szczecin, Poland by a group of passionate professionals.

Each one of us builded their experience through many years with a huge passion for coffee, on different positions on a career ladder, both in Poland and abroad.

During all the years within coffee industry we were involved in:

  • Working actively behind the bar as a barista,
  • Organising coffee workshops and barista trainings,
  • Managing cafes,-Building standards of work ethics and systems in the cafes,
  • Roasting coffee,
  • Quality control of green and roasted coffee,
  • Green coffee buying,
  • Judging multiple national and international competitions.

Quality, transparency and being humble are our main values, which we try to implement in everything we do.

We buy mostly coffees that are specialty grade, that beside the quality of the cup also have a story of hard working farmers and people who are responsible for the product from seed to cup.

Our common goal is to build more awareness within our customers and kind, humble and honest approach to coffee.