16g of coffee

250g of water 96°C

Medium Grind Size 

Put a paper filter in your V60 and rinse it with hot water ( 96C ). It will preheat your drip brewer and gets rid of a paper taste from the filter. For the best results always use filtered water (remember that  98,5 % of your brewed coffee is water)

Remove the rinsing water from the server.

Grind your beans just before you brew and add the coffee to the drip brewer. Gently distribute your coffee into the center of your V60.

Place your V60 on a vessel on a scale and make sure that your water is 96 C.

Tare your scale and start the timer.

Add 50 grams of water. Your coffee will begin to bloom.

At 30 seconds, add more water up to 100 grams. Pour the water slow, gently and in clockwise circles.

At 00:50 pour hot water to 200g. 

At 01:10 pour hot water to 250g.

Swirl your V60 and let the coffee drip. 

The water should have drained in around 3:00. You may need to change your grind setting, when the coffee finishes to brew too quickly or too long. But always taste and then judge your coffee.