17g of coffee

220g of water 96°C

1:25 time

Medium Grind Size

Put a paper filter in the basket and rinse it with hot water ( 96C ). It gets rid of paper taste from the filter.
For the best results always use filtered water (remember that 98,5 % of your brewed coffee is water)

Grind your beans just before you brew.

Place your Aeropress upside down on your scale and tare it.
Pour 110 grams of hot water.
Start the timer and add the coffee.
At once add hot water up to 237 grams. Stir it gently 5 times.

Put the basket with filter on and close it.
At 1:00 flip the aeropress and place on a cup or a server.
Push down with a slow, consistent force until you will hear air coming out.

Now enjoy your perfect cup of MAMAM coffee.