Co-founder of one of the most famous specialty coffee cafe in Szczecin - Alternatywnie.
Experienced barista trainer and Q Arabica Grader. In MAMAM he’s mostly responsible for barista trainings, quality control and production roasting. Also takes an active part in choosing green coffees for our brand.


In his 13 years of experience in coffee industry Michał has been doing almost everything that’s related to coffee. From being a barista, through coffee trainings, coaching and judging competitions to being a head roaster, green coffee buyer and production manager for some of Berlin’s well known coffee roasters. In our company Michał is responsible for buying green coffee, setting up the perfect profiles for them and making sure they taste amazing. He’s also making sure that company is going the right direction.


Ala is our Head of Operations. She has years of experience in managing in hospitality industry and she’s not scared of any paper work or excel sheets. In MAMAM she’s responsible for customer service and all the operations happening in the Roastery.


Martyna, together with Adam was a co-founder of Alternatywnie and she has a great experience in managing cafes, but also in brewing outstanding coffees. In MAMAM she’s gonna be in between office and coffee department making sure everything runs smooth.